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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Its touch on my lips
Taste buds activated
enters the blood stream
and i get buzzed
a heavenly experience
of the holy water i drank

it makes me enter the world of madness
where i am the master of me
to experience the colloquy
amongst mankind
to break the rules of civilized bastards

I give up all the material pleasures
i give up worldly desires
i lie calm and watch the stars
i am pampered and amazed
holy water i drink
and i m lost in a good way

Rendezvous with freedom
and a look into happiness
a guilty heart
and the truthful words
it influences my brain
to shut up and let the heart speak

the tiara gliiters onto me
i fly high in the clouds
birds asking for permission
to fly in my vicinity

i rule and simply rule
decisions undecided
restrictions unrestricted
paradoxical sarcasms
all around me

troubles and worries run for help
confessions lie disguised
genuineness pouring out
no diplomacy
no correctness
jus a true self

a feeling of good will
a journey to a neverland
a pleasant aura around
teethy smiles so proud
high i fly very high
high high sky high


2 Disprin tablets stirred with a glass of water...gulp down !!


Sunday, April 11, 2010


All our souls written in our eyes
together they form a tie
with love, kindness, desire and hope
entwined in our heart they lie

We hold so many memories
of which now we shall only dream
letting them grow old with us
forever, in our hearts they shall gleam

For new beginnings, a new place
promises are always made
to meet again, another day
Beautiful feelings never fake

In newfound friends we find delight
but not forget the old ones
with whom we shared our treasured moments
onto our friendships we'll now hold

saying goodbye is never easy
but a must for every heart
lets toast to new beginnings
now that we have to part !!!



"Sometimes i feel i really must
make a journey into the past
forget all my sorrows and pains
and be a little child once again !

Have those innocent thoughts once more
laugh as merrily as i could
back in the days when i was a kid!

Take pleasures in
life's simple things
and have faith in the
goodness of human beings

I wish I could feel safe and sound
be oblivious of the atrocities around
tear away from the complexities that serve to bind..
in it's serpentine coils, the vulnerable mind.

i YEARN to feel as happy as i did
back in the days when i was a kid !!!! "

:) :(