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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Naked are my thoughts before you,
My words clear like glass to see through,
Into the depths of my soul and mind.
The truth is exposed for you to find.
Do you like what you see?
It doesn't matter because this is me.
Unashamed of who I was born to be.

Naked is my soul for you to see,
Is there any other way to be?
If I decide to hide, you'll see,
I'm forever etched into your memory.
Open your eyes to the many colors of me.

Naked is my heart within these rhymes,
Will you hold against me my crimes?
Everyone's beautiful in their own way,
But it's my turn to shine today.
I had to become more brave,
If I could, every painting I would save.

Naked is my mind before your eyes,
Is it the truth I should disguise?
The changes only experience can bring to a soul,
The world's constant attempt to mold us into a black hole.
Pouring out my soul for you,
You'll never be able to claim me untrue.

Naked am I through my poetry,
My hope, my fear, my epiphany.
Expressed in the only way I can explain,
My passion, my love, my pain.
If you could look past my imperfections,
You'd see the beauty in me and my good intentions.

Naked am I for the world to see...
The art in me what will be.

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  1. masterpiece.....leena patil!!
    keep writing!!

  2. :-) These words are Etched..!! (Thanks that you mentioned me)
    I am Publishing a book. Worked hard towards it.